Last updated June 8, 2016
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NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management

NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management

Item #S16. Brochure.

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Social work case managers face both opportunities and challenges. With its strengths-based, person-in-environment perspective, the social work profession is well trained to develop and improve support systems (including service delivery systems, resources, opportunities, and naturally occurring social supports) that advance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Furthermore, social workers have long recognized that the therapeutic relationship between the practitioner and the client plays an integral role in case management. This expertise positions the social work profession as a leader within the field of case management. However, such leadership requires not only the integration of direct practice skills and administrative strategies, but also continued development of the evidence base for social work case management. The NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management are designed to enhance social work case management and to help the public understand the professional social work role in case management. Information is also available online at