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Social Work Career Development

A Handbook for Job Hunting and Career Planning, Second Edition



Chapter One: Setting a Direction for Your Search

Chapter Two: Researching Marketing and Salary Information

Chapter Three: Preparing Resumes, Curricula Vitae, Portfolios, and References

Chapter Four: Identifying Jobs and Pursuing Leads

Chapter Five: Interviewing Effectively

Chapter Six: Evaluating Job Offers

Chapter Seven: Career Management and Professional Development

Appendix One: Professional Associations

Appendix Two: Work Preferences

Appendix Three: Directories and Career Information Publications

Appendix Four: Information Specific to Fields

Appendix Five: Sample Cover Letters and Other Correspondence

Appendix Six: Sample Resumes

Appendix Seven: Sample Interview Questions

Appendix Eight: Online Job Information and Other Correspondence

Appendix Nine: Special Opportunities: Fellowships, Internships, Training, and Loan Forgiveness Programs

Appendix Ten: Sample Skills by Function

Appendix Eleven: Selecting Master’s and Doctoral Programs

Appendix Twelve: Specialty Certifications from the National Association of Social Workers


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