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Social Work Career Development

A Handbook for Job Hunting and Career Planning, 2nd Edition

To my knowledge, no other comparable resource is as comprehensive and informative as this second edition of Social Work Career Development. Every aspect of the social work job search and career development process is amply covered, and the examples, guidelines, and resource provided are interesting, appropriate, and up-to-date in terms of current issues. It is well-written and clearly organized book that is effective because of the reinforcement provided by principles, followed by examples, followed by checklists, followed by an abundance of resources in the appendices. The material is very timely as it includes such matters as how to handle sexism in hiring processes. It is easy for a lay reader to follow because it uses little jargon, gives good examples, and deals with issues that informed readers would recognize. Social Workers at every educational level will find specific and useful material geared to their needs.

Charles Garvin

Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Michigan School of Social Work


Social Work Career Development, 2nd Edition will be an indispensable tool for developing workshops, advising students, and providing resource information on virtually all areas of career advancement for social workers. Doelling does a superb job of identifying practical approaches to the job search process with an extraordinarily well-researched emphasis on the distinctive elements of the social work job market. Of particular interest are the refined negotiation skills section, updated internet jobsites, and progressive list of professional organizations and national networks. This is an outstanding book that should be considered a basic reference for social workers seeking to develop and advance their careers.

Jennifer Luna-Idunate, LMSW

Director, The DiNitto Center for Career Services, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Social Work


This comprehensive Handbook should be an excellent source of empowerment and confidence for social workers as they seek to begin or advance their careers. It places control of the job search squarely in their hands. State-of-the-art appendices provide sample cover letters and resumes, sample skills by function, up-to-date online job online job information, comprehensive listings of internships and fellowships, and much more. Doelling’s book is a no-nonsense resource for new social work students, recent graduates, social work professionals making a job change, and individuals who are considering entering the profession or choosing an academic program. It is the only career guide a social worker will ever need!

Jimmie Cochran Pratt, MPH

Director of Career and Leadership Development, Columbia University School of Social Work