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Postpartum Mood Disorders

A Guide for Medical, Mental Health, and Other Support Providers

Kimberley Zittel

ISBN: 978-0-87101-399-6. 2010. Item #3996. 352 pages.

Paperback $54.99

Postpartum mood disorders (PMDs) continue to occur with great frequency. Yet, despite the high prevalency rate of PMDs, the majority of medical and mental health professionals and other support providers receive minimal training on what PMDs are, how to assess, and how to treat. However, the new health care bill signed by President Obama will mandate that professionals understand about, assess, and treat PMDs.

In Postpartum Mood Disorders: A Guide for Medical, Mental Health, and Other Support Providers, Dr. Kimberley Zittel educates health care providers and women who suffer with PMD and their families on the treatments available for those who suffer with this illness. This timely volume discusses ways that the United States is currently attempting to address PMDs, models that are used around the world, and ways that the United States could improve on efforts to assist those experiencing PMDs.