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Stories of Complicated Grief

Preface: An Introduction to Complicated Grief and the Nature of This Book
Eric D. Miller


PART 1: When and How Is Grief “Complicated?”

Chapter 1: Seeking My Brother’s Voice: Holding onto Long-Term Grief through Photographs, Stories, and Reflections
Carolyn Ellis

Chapter 2: The Complications of Grief: The Battle to Define Modern Mourning
Leeat Granek

Chapter 3: The Betrayal That Was Love
Laura K. Kerr

Chapter 4: Tears and Tattoos: Complex Grief Revisited
Trish Staples

PART 2: Unresolved and Long-Lasting Grief

Chapter 5: The Rhetoric of Grief: When a Loved One You Have Never Loved Is Dying
Mary Lynn Navarro

Chapter 6: Luvandwar and Letting Go
Rose Richards

Chapter 7: Complicating Grief with Violence
Vanessa Russell

Chapter 8: Complicated Grief Endures
Elisabeth Hanscombe

PART 3: The Death or Physical Loss of One's Child: Everlasting or Pathological Grief?

Chapter 9: When Time Stops: The Courage for Joy
Donna M. McDonald

Chapter 10: Communicative Coping with Ambiguous Death: The Search for Answers and Acceptance after the Death of a Child
Lynne M. Webb and Paige W. Toller

Chapter 11: The Lost Mother: A Refracted Memoir
Christina Houen

PART 4: The Effects of Intergenerational Grief

Chapter 12: Transgenerational Transmission of the Trauma of a Pogrom
Mildred Antonelli

Chapter 13: Writing through Grief
Rae Luckie

Chapter 14: Prolonged Grief Disorder in 3-D: An Emerging Portrait across Time and Space
James A. Wren

Chapter 15: Stories My Father Never Told Me
Olivia Sagan

PART 5: Cultural and Societal Constraints and Complications of Grief

Chapter 16: Scapegoating the Complicated Griever in a Toxic World
Kathleen J. Cassity

Chapter 17: Just Don’t Laugh
Parag Sharma

Chapter 18: My Brother’s Keeper
David F. Purnell

Chapter 19: A Constant Resuscitation of Trauma: The Ties between Technology and Complicated Grief
Jason Barr

Chapter 20: The Silent Grief of Women: An Emptying of the Soul
Annette Anderson-Engler

PART 6: Concluding Thoughts

Chapter 21: Concluding Thoughts
John H. Harvey

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