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Handbook on Bullying Prevention

A Life Course Perspective


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James Garbarino

Introduction: A Life Course Perspective on Bullying Prevention

Catherine P. Bradshaw

Part I: Foundational Research on Bullying

Chapter 1: Defining and Measuring Bullying across the Life Course

Jennifer Greif Green, Michael J. Furlong, and Erika D. Felix

Chapter 2: Developmental Roots of Bullying

Jamie M. Ostrov, Sarah J. Blakely-McClure, and Kimberly E. Kamper-DeMarco

Part II: Potential Impacts of Bullying

Chapter 3: The Neurobiology of Peer Victimization: Longitudinal Links to Health, Genetic Risk, and Epigenetic Mechanisms

Tracy Vaillancourt, Carleigh Sanderson, Paul Arnold, and Patricia McDougall

Chapter 4: Relational Bullying and Psychosocial Correlates across the Life Course

Hillary K. Morin and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 5: Bullying, Mental Health, and Suicide

Jeffrey Duong and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 6: Cyberbullying: Risk Factors and Consequences across the Life Course

Tracy E. Waasdorp, Zephyr Horowitz-Johnson, and Stephen S. Leff

Part III: Bullying among Youth: Cultural and Contextual Considerations

Chapter 7: Developmental Model of Youth Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Dating Violence Perpetration

Dorothy L. Espelage

Chapter 8: Bullying among Sexual Minority Youth

Jeffrey Duong and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 9: Bullying and Cultural Considerations

Joanna Lee Williams and Saida B. Hussain

Chapter 10: Bullying among Youth with Disabilities

Chad A. Rose

Part IV: Bullying among and by Adults

Chapter 11: Bullying and Prevention of Bullying on College Campuses

Elizabeth Bistrong, Hillary K. Morin, and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 12: Bullying in the Workplace

Catherine P. Bradshaw, Hillary K. Morin, Elizabeth Bistrong, and Katherine Figiel-Miller

Chapter 13: Bullying of Children by Adults: The Undiscussables

Stuart W. Twemlow, Peter Fonagy, and Chloe Campbell

Part V: Approaches to Prevention and Intervention

Chapter 14: The Transactional Association between School Climate and Bullying

Lindsey O’Brennan and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 15: Integrating Bullying Preventing Efforts through Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 16: Lessons Learned from Scaling Up the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Susan P. Limber and Dan Olweus

Chapter 17: Prevention and Early Intervention Efforts for Targets of Bullying and Youth Who Bully

Amanda B. Nickerson, Danielle Guttman, and Erin Cook

Chapter 18: Preventing Bullying in Middle Schoolers by Using the Coping Power Program: A Targeted Group Intervention

Catherine P. Bradshaw, John E. Lochman, Nicole Powell, and Nicholas Ialongo

Chapter 19: The Role of Education Support Professionals in Preventing Bullying

Tracy E. Waasdorp, Lindsey O’Brennan, and Catherine P. Bradshaw

Chapter 20: Youth Engagement in Bullying Prevention Efforts: History, Current Applications, and the Born Brave Bus Tour

Susan M. Swearer, Michelle Howell-Smith, Sara E. Gonzalez, Zachary R. Myers, Heather Schwartz, Jenna Strawhun, Theresa McKinney, and Cynthia Germanotta

Chapter 21: Policies Related to the Prevention of Bullying

Anna Heilbrun and Dewey Cornell

Chapter 22: Promoting Relationships to Prevent Bullying: A Network Approach

Wendy Craig, Debra J. Pepler, Joanne Cummings, and Kelly Petrunka

Chapter 23: The Role of Physicians and Other Health Providers in Bullying Prevention

Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Catherine P. Bradshaw, Tina Cheng, and Joseph Wright