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Multiracial Cultural Attunement

Kelly Faye Jackson and Gina Miranda Samuels

Faith-Based and Secular Meditation

Everyday and Posttraumatic Applications

Raymond Monsour Scurfield


Elder Suicide

Durkheim’s Vision

Stephen M. Marson

Social Work Speaks
National Association of Social Workers Policy Statements 2018–2020, 11th Edition

National Association of Social Workers


Handbook on Bullying Prevention:
A Life Course Perspective

Catherine P. Bradshaw

Workplace Bullying

Clinical and Organizational Perspectives

Judith Geneva Balcerzak


Social Work Practice in Child Welfare

The Interactional Model

Lawrence Shulman

Social Work Documentation, 2nd Edition

A Guide to Strengthening Your Case Recording

Nancy L. Sidell


Linear Regression Analysis

Assumptions and Applications

John P. Hoffman and Kevin Shafer

Social Work Practice with Veterans

Gary L. Dick, Editor


Parallels between Writing Biographies and Clinical Practice

Impact. Influence. Value.

Esther Urdang

Stories of Complicated Grief

A Critical Anthology

Eric Miller


Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain

Eric L. Garland

The School Social Work Toolkit

Hands-On Counseling Activities and Workshops

Alison Varianides


Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Ed.

Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods in the Era of Health Reform

Jennifer L. Magnabosco and Ronald W. Manderscheid, Editors

Skinny Revisited

Rethinking Anorexia Nervosa and Its Treatment

Maria Baratta


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Challenging Myths, Assessing Theories, Individualizing Interventions, 2nd Edition

Ann A. Abbott, Editor

Doing What Works

An Integrative System for the Treatment of Eating Disorders from Diagnosis to Recovery

Abigail Horvitz Natenshon


Person-in-Environment System Manual

2nd Edition (with CompuPIE CD)

James M. Karls and Maura O'Keefe

Single-Case Design for Clinical Social Workers

2nd Edition

Tony Tripodi and Jennifer Di Noia


The Social Work Ethics Audit

A Risk Management Tool

Frederic G. Reamer

Person-in-Environment System

The PIE Classification System for Social Functioning Problems

James M. Karls and Karin E. Wandrei, Editors


Clinical Practice with Individuals

Mark A. Mattaini


Client Record and Professional Liability




NASW Standards for the Practice of Social Work with Adolescents

NASW Standards for Social Work Services in Long-Term Care Facilities


Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice

A Reference Guide

Starting A Private Practice?

Most Frequently Asked Questions by NASW Members


Retiring or Closing a Private Practice?

Tips To Help Get You Started

There Are Many Doors to Recovery

Social Workers Can Be the Key