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The Children's Bureau

Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, and Policies

Joe Bock
Elizabeth J. Clark

Chapter 1
Lessons Learned and the Way Forward
Nancy Dickinson and Richard Barth

Chapter 2
Family-Driven and Community-Based Systems of Care
William Bell and David Sanders

Chapter 3
Addressing Poverty as a Child Welfare Strategy
David Berns, Katharine Briar-Lawson, and Won Hee Kim

Chapter 4
Family-Centered Practice
Miriam J. Landsman

Chapter 5
Nothing about Us, Without Us: Meaningful Youth and Family Engagement in Child Welfare
Nicole Bossard, Sara Munson, Angela Braxton, Debra Conway, Benjamin Muhammad, and Gerald P. Mallon

Chapter 6
Ensuring a Successful Transition to Adulthood for Foster Youths
Roxana Torrico Meruvia

Chapter 7
Paradigm Shifts in Child Protection: From Investigation to Family Support
Brenda G. McGowan

Chapter 8
Prevention of Child Maltreatment Fatalities
Theresa M. Covington and Michael Petit

Chapter 9
Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice
Virginia C. Strand

Chapter 10
Serving Families with Co-occurring Challenges
Brenda D. Smith

Chapter 11
Social Work Traineeship Programs
Gary R. Anderson, Kathleen Coulborn Faller, and Robin Leake

Chapter 12
Social Work Education in Tribal and Urban Indian Child Welfare Settings
Virginia Whitekiller, Katharine Cahn, Heather Craig-Oldsen, and James Caringi

Chapter 13
Workforce and Leadership Development
Katharine Cahn, Freda Bernotavicz, and Cathryn Potter

Chapter 14
Knowledge Management and Leadership Development in Child Welfare
Nancy C. McDaniel and Charmaine Brittain

Chapter 15
University–Agency Partnerships to Advance Child Welfare
Joan Levy Zlotnik

Chapter 16
Envisioning the Future: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Anita Light, Christine James-Brown, Cecilia Fiermonte, ElizabethClark, and Julia M. Watkins

Chapter 17
Child Welfare for the 21st Century: Organizational and Practice Imperatives
Mary McCarthy, Katharine Briar-Lawson, and Nancy Dickinson

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