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Children and Families Affected By Armed Conflicts in Africa

Implications and Strategies for Helping Professionals in the United States


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Joanne Corbin

Section 1: What We Know

Chapter 1
Africans Coming to the United States from Contexts of Armed Conflict: Relevance for Helping Professionals
Joanne Corbin

Chapter 2
The Nature of Children’s Participation in Armed Conflict
Jo Becker

Chapter 3
Experiences of Refugee and Asylee Families Affected by Extreme Violence: A Personal Narrative
Eugenie Mukeshimana

Section 2: African Experiences and Responses

Chapter 4
Peace Building
Reverend Father Remigio C. Obol

Chapter 5
Psychosocial Approaches to Addressing the Needs of Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda
Stella Ojera

Chapter 6
Global Mental Health Programs for Children and Families Facing Adversity: Development of the Family Strengthening Intervention in Rwanda
Theresa S. Betancourt, Sarah E. Myers-Ohki, Sara N. Stulac, Christine Mushashi, Felix R. Cyamatare, William R. Beardslee

Section 3: Practice Implications for Social Workers

Chapter 7
Assessment and Treatment Issues for Children Affected by Armed Conflict: Effects on Children, Family, and Culture
Joan Granucci Lesser

Chapter 8
African Approaches to Healing Children and Families Affected by Armed Conflict: Implications for Western Practice
Joanne Corbin

Chapter 9
Ecological Framework for Social Work Practice with African Populations Affected by Armed Conflict
Joanne Corbin

Joanne Corbin



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