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Best BuyMulticultural Issues in Social Work

Patricia L. Ewalt, Edith M. Freeman, Stuart A. Kirk, and Dennis L. Poole, Editors

ISBN: 0-87101-266-9. 1996. Item #2669. 578 pages.


$44.99 $24.99

Multicultural Issues in Social Work presents a collective vision of multiculturalism and calls for research and practice based on the knowledge that individuals cannot be readily identified by single cultural categories. It will help researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in their work with diverse populations. Faculty will find it superb for teaching courses that meet curriculum policy requirements for content about diversity.

Special Features

  • Covers various cultural groups and cultures based on common experience
  • Examines different age groups—children, youths, young adults, and older people
  • Provides in-depth discussions about human diversity from an ecological perspective