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Best BuyMaking Choices

Social Problem-Solving Skills for Children

Mark W. Fraser, James K. Nash, Maeda J. Galinsky, and Kathleen M. Darwin

ISBN: 0-87101-323-1. 2000. Item #3231. 196 pages.


$38.99 $15.99

Making Choices is the first volume of the NASW Practice Resources Series. It offers a cognitive problem-solving approach to the urgent need for children to acquire competence in meeting the demands of childhood within social, school, and family parameters. Designed for children from kindergarten through middle school, Making Choices is especially appropriate for children whose behavior is impulsive, oppositional, or aggressive. Because a great deal of children’s behavior is tied to problem solving, the authors give practitioners a program to help children solve instrumental and relational issues in differing social settings.

Using a wealth of examples, role plays, games, and activities, this volume guides children in formulating goals for better social intervention. Immensely practical for today’s social worker, Making Choices uses activities to help children in social situations build good relationships with peers and others.

Special Features

  • Defines and illustrates cognitive problem-solving in a step-by-step approach
  • Provides guidance in helping children gain insight into social processes and building competence
  • Serves as a hands-on tool
  • Addresses the dynamics of group conditions and development in implementing the program
  • Describes interventions for weekly or session-by-session use
  • Uses most recent research in the field of child development