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Best BuyA Dream and a Plan

A Woman’s Path to Leadership in Human Services

Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella and Karen S. Haynes

ISBN: 0-87101-359-2. 2004. Item #3592. 196 pages.


$36.99 $5.99

"A Dream and a Plan is not simply a book. It is an experience that all of us can share. It’s about dreams and disappointments, role models and demons, being turned away and then creating and taking advantage of opportunities. It’s about race, class, culture, sexual orientation, gender. It’s about the joy of being part of the community of women and the challenges of surviving and thriving within the larger community."

Ruth W. Mayden, MSW

Director, Program for Families with Young Children

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Successful women leaders in the human services recognize and value their own significance as well as that of others. The helping professions are rich with women who have the imagination and aspiration to be such leaders, but lack confidence or opportunity. Written from an inclusive, multicultural perspective, A Dream and a Plan: A Woman’s Path to Leadership in Human Services provides tools for women who are breaking through the glass ceiling as well as those who are trying to unlock the door.

Authors Gardella and Haynes have written a dynamic, empowering book on women in leadership that offers practical guidance on pursuing career advancement, overcoming barriers, and cultivating mentorship. Extensive research was drawn from women leaders in public service and private agencies and reveals the challenges, resources, and obstacles faced by women from different racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Examining closely the potential of women leaders to promote diversity and equity in human services organizations, the authors provide a conceptual framework for understanding and resisting prejudice, discrimination, and social injustice.

A Dream and a Plan is a pragmatic and motivating text for students, social workers, and human services providers, as well as for experienced managers. Social work, human services, women’s studies, and management educators will find this uniquely structured text a useful teaching tool with suggestions for assignments, experiences and recommended readings.

Special Features

  • Succinct, reader-friendly text filled with case examples and illustrations.
  • Special "Notes from Karen’s Diary" segments that illustrate the evolution and experiences of an outstanding social work leader.
  • Theory and research implications from social work, management, women’s studies, ethnic studies, and other fields.
  • Real life scenarios for women leaders or for women contemplating leadership positions.