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Above the Bottom Line: Financial Management in Human Services 4986 $45.99
A Guide to Essential Human Services, 2nd Edition 3972 $30.99
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: Challenging Myths, Assessing Theories, Individualizing Interventions, 2nd Edition 3934 $56.99
An Author's Guide to Social Work Journals, 5th Edition 3927 $47.99
Beyond Oversight: Developing Grassroots Nonprofit Boards for Community and Institutional Change 4016 $43.99
Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work: A Guidebook for Students and Those in Mental Health and Related Professions 4627 $37.99
By Grace: The Challenges, Strengths, and Promise of African American Marriages 4511 $39.99
Caregiving and Care Sharing: A Life Course Perspective 4566 $48.99
Children and Families Affected By Armed Conflicts in Africa: Implications and Strategies for Helping Professionals in the United States 4429 $36.99
The Children's Bureau: Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, and Policies 4467 $55.99
Client Confidentiality and Privileged Communications 4276 $22.99
Developing a Sense of Self: A Workbook of Tenets & Tactics for Adolescent Girls 3665 $33.99
Disability, Intimacy, and Sexual Health: A Social Work Perspective 5235 $27.99
Doing What Works: An Integrative System for the Treatment of Eating Disorders from Diagnosis to Recovery 3903 $54.99
Early Childhood Education and Care: History, Policy, and Social Work Practice 5280 $38.99
Econocide: Elimination of the Urban Poor 4245 $27.99
Effectively Managing Nonprofit Organizations 369X $49.99
Effects of Conservative Religion on Lesbian and Gay Clients and Practitioners 4009 $48.99
Empowering Clinical Social Work Practice in a Time of Global Economic Distress 5464 $38.00
Empowering Social Workers for Practice with Vulnerable Older Adults 3958 $36.99
Engaging Human Services with Evidence-Informed Practice 5204 $42.99
Encyclopedia of Social Work O6613 $495.00
Encyclopedia of Social Work (paperback) 10368 $250.00
Ethical Standards in Social Work, 3rd Edition 5303 $47.99
Faith-Based and Secular Meditation 5426 $34.14
Finding Help for Struggling Teens 3736 $24.99
Forty Years in Social Work: Reflections on Practice and Theory 4436 $29.99
Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text, 5th Edition 5020 $49.99
Foundations of Social Work Practice in the Field of Aging: A Competency-Based Approach, 2nd edition 5242 $54.99
Grand Challenges for Society 5365 $43.99
Handbook on Bullying Prevention: A Life Course Perspective 5006 $39.99
Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers 4559 $46.99
Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work 4542 $47.99
How To Screen Adoptive and Foster Parents: A Workbook for Professionals and Students 4153 $42.99
Human–Animal Interactions: A Social Work Guide 5174 $38.99
Incorporating Intersectionality in Social Work Practice, Research, Policy, and Education 3851 $36.99
Interactional Supervision, 3rd Edition 3941 $51.99
The Juvenile Justice System 4160 $22.99
Legal Rights of Children 3965 $29.99
The Legal Rights of Students 4252 $39.99
Linear Regression Analysis: Assumptions and Applications 4573 $46.99
Macro Perspectives on Youths Aging Out of Foster Care 4887 $49.99
Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain 4450 $40.99
Money and Psychotherapy: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals 4214 $29.99
Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity 4603 $42.99
Multiracial Cultural Attunement 5440 $39.00
My Girls: A Story of Survival and Togetherness in the Inner City 4238 $39.99
Narratives of Social and Economic Justice 3880 $37.99
Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Ed. 4221 $48.99
Parallels between Writing Biographies and Clinical Practice: Impact. Influence. Value. 4504 $38.99
The Parent Effect: How Parenting Style Affects Adolescent Behavior and Personality Development 4177 $39.99
Person-in-Environment System Manual 3798 $39.99
Person-in-Environment System (Book & Manual) 2405C $64.99
Perspectives on Interprofessional Education and Practice 5082 $43.99
Reenvisioning Therapy with Women of Color: A Black Feminist Healing Perspective 5525 $32.99
Resilience in Action: An Information and Practice Guide 5150 $38.99
Postpartum Mood Disorders: A Guide for Medical, Mental Health, and Other Support Providers 3996 $54.99
Prejudice to Pride: Moving from Homophobia to Acceptance 4283 $34.99
Reflections on the American Social Welfare State: The Collected Papers of James R. Dumpson, PhD, 1930–1990 4580 $37.99
Reproductive Decision Making 5327 $36.00
Resiliency: An Integrated Approach to Practice, Policy, and Research, 2nd Edition 4269 $56.99
Returning Home: Reintegration after Prison or Jail 4610 $46.99
Risk and Resilience in Childhood: An Ecological Perspective, 2nd Edition 3568 $45.99
The School Social Work Toolkit: Hands-On Counseling Activities and Workshops 4382 $32.99
Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors, and Administrators 4443 $34.99
Single-Case Design for Clinical Social Workers 3811 $39.99
Skinny Revisited: Rethinking Anorexia Nervosa and Its Treatment 4078 $29.99
Social Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Social Value Creation 5389 $39.99
Social Work Career Development: A Handbook for Job Hunting and Career Planning, 2nd Edition 3630 $50.99
Social Work Dictionary, 6th Edition 4474 $49.99
Social Work Documentation, 2nd Edition: A Guide to Strengthening Your Case Recording 4863 $43.99
Social Work Ethics Casebook: Cases and Commentary (2nd edition) 5341 $43.99
Social Work Matters: The Power of Linking Policy and Practice 4412 $54.99
Social Work Practice in Child Welfare: The Interactional Model 4955 $42.99
Social Work Practice with Veterans 4535 $49.99
Social Work Speaks, 10th Edition 4597 $51.99
Social Work Speaks 10th Edition: 2017 eBook Update 5198 $9.99
Social Work Speaks: National Association of Social Workers Policy Statements 2018–2020, 11th Edition 5266 $52.99
Social Workers and Child Abuse Reporting: A Review of State Mandatory Reporting Requirements 4320 $34.99
Social Workers as Expert Witnesses 4344 $29.99
Social Workers and Alternative Dispute Resolution 4528 $22.99
Social Workers and Subpoenas 4313 $22.99
Stories of Complicated Grief: A Critical Anthology 4481 $45.99
Stories of Pain, Trauma, and Survival: A Social Worker’s Experience & Insights from the Field 3910 $26.99
Successful Community Leadership and Organization: A Skills Guide for Volunteers and Professionals, 2nd Edition 4399 $29.99
Sustaining Our Spirits 3828 $24.99
Treating the Eating Disorder Self: A Comprehensive Model for the Social Work Therapist 5501 $32.99
Transnational Pacific Islander Americans and Social Work: Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum 4498 $34.99
The Ultimate Betrayal: A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence 4184 $35.99
Understanding Power: An Imperative for Human Services 5051 $43.99
Values-Based Coaching: A Guide for Social Workers and Other Human Service Professionals 3989 $39.99
What Social Workers Do, 2nd Edition 3649 $49.99
When Their World Falls Apart: Helping Families and Children Manage the Effects of Disasters, 2nd Edition 4030 $59.99
Workplace Bullying: Clinical and Organizational Perspectives 4900 $49.99
Are Ethics and Contemporary Social Work Practice Compatible? V14 $29.99
Legacies of Social Change: 100 Years of Professional Social Work in the United States V16 $29.99
Professional Choices: Ethics at Work V2 $29.99
What Do Social Workers Do? V1 $29.99

Call 1-800-227-3590 for ordering individual copies.

Best Practice Standards in Social Work Supervision S17 $4 or $100/40
Guidelines for Social Worker Safety in the Workplace S18 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards and Indicators for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice S13 $4 or $100/40
NASW and ASWB Standards for Technology and Social Work Practice S12 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Clinical Social Work in Social Work Practice S09 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Continuing Professional Education S04 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Integrating Genetics into Social Work Practice S03 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Palliative & End of Life Care S07 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for the Practice of Social Work with Adolescents S06 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for School Social Work Services S02 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management S16 $4 or $100/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Practice in Child Welfare S08 $4 or $100/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Clients with Substance Use Disorders S11 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults S14 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Practice in Health Care Settings S10 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Service Members, Veterans, & Their Families S15 $4 or $85/40
NASW Standards for Social Work Services in Long-Term Care Facilities S05 $4 or $85/40

Call 1-800-227-3590 for ordering individual copies.

Baccalaureate Social Workers A83b $4 or $100/40
Behavioral Health Social Workers: Healing the Whole Person B14 $4 or $85/40
Choices: Careers in Social Work C4 $12 or $125/20
Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice A91 $12 or $125/20
Code of Ethics X2B $150/35 or $6.99
Code of Ethics (Spanish) X3B $150/35 or $6.99
Gangs & Youth: A Guide for Social Workers K1 $4 or $85/40
Gerontological Social Workers B12 $4 or $85/40
Health Care Social Workers B10 $4 or $85/40
Making a Critical Difference C11 $4 or $85/40
Retiring or Closing a Private Practice? C914 $4 or $85/40
School Social Workers A84 $4 or $85/40
Social Work and International Development A89 $4 or $85/40
Starting A Private Practice? C908 $4 or $85/40
There Are Many Doors to Recovery A86 $4 or $85/40
Your New Career in Social Work A88 $4 or $85/40
Youth Bullying... How Social Workers Can Help A90 $4 or $85/40
Best Buys
A Dream and a Plan: A Woman's Path to Leadership in Human Services 3592 $5.99
Affirmative Practice 3525 $27.99
African American Leadership 3177 $27.99
Client Record and Professional Liability V7 $15.99
Clinical Practice with Individuals 2707 $19.99
Cultural Competence in Substance Abuse Prevention 2782 $5.99
Current Controversies in Social Work Ethics 3002 $5.99
Making Choices 3231 $15.99
Multicultural Issues in Social Work 2669 $24.99
Multicultural Issues in Social Work: Practice and Research 3029 $24.99
Multisystem Skills and Interventions in School Social Work Practice 2952 $15.99
Perspectives on Productive Aging: Social Work with the New Aged 3770 $24.99
Security Risk 3215 $19.99
Social Work Ethics Audit (book with Word for Windows disk) 3282 $15.99
Social Work Ethics Audit (book with Macintosh disk) 3282A $15.99
Spirituality and the Black Helping Tradition in Social Work 3223 $5.99
Widening the Circle: The Practice and Evaluation of Family Group Conferencing with Children, Youths, and Their Families 3673 $17.99
Women at Midlife 3517 $9.99
Social Work
Health & Social Work
Children & Schools
Social Work Research
Social Work Abstracts (NASW Member) 2001 $73.00
Social Work Abstracts (NASW Student Member) 2101 $48.00
Social Work Abstracts (Nonmember) 2201 $127.00
Social Work Abstracts (Library/Institution) 2301 $205.00
Social Work Advocates (NASW Member)   FREE
Social Work Advocates (NASW Student Member) 5101 $20.00
Social Work Advocates (Nonmember) 5201 $36.00
Social Work Advocates (Library/Institution) 5301 $36.00