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Payment must accompany all orders.

Institutions, Libraries, Bookstores

Payment must accompany all periodical orders and all book orders of $50.00 or less unless otherwise denoted by NASW.

Purchase orders for all billed orders must be in hard copy (facsimile acceptable). Verbal purchase order numbers will not be accepted.

Make check or money order payable to NASW Press in U.S. funds. Do not send cash. All credit card orders must include account number, expiration date, and signature. MasterCard, VISA, and American Express accepted.

Overpayments will first be applied to any outstanding account balances. If there are no outstanding balances on account, overpayments will only be refunded for amounts of more than $15 and will be refunded within 60 calendar days from receipt of order.

On Account Credit Balances resulting from book returns must be used for a purchase within 120 calendar days of original invoice date. If the credit is not used within the 120 calendar day time period, the credit will expire and no longer be available for use.