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Social Work Matters

The Power of Linking Policy and Practice

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Elizabeth F. Hoffler and Elizabeth J. Clark


1 The Business of Social Work
Elizabeth J. Clark

2 Social Media for Social Workers: An Imperative for the Profession
Elizabeth F. Hoffler and Ebony Jackson

3 Fundraising as Social Work Practice
Marilyn Flynn

4 Workplace Bullying
Tracy Robinson Whitaker


5 Linkages between Clinical and Policy Practice in Social Work
King Davis

6 Reinvesting in the Profession to Secure the Future
Elizabeth F. Hoffler

7 From the Tough Streets of East New York to Capitol Hill
Charles E. Lewis Jr.

Children and Families

8 From a Staffing Crisis to the Building of a National Workforce Agenda for Social Work
Katharine Briar-Lawson

9 An Advocacy Plan on Behalf of Foster Families
Susan Kosche Vallem

10 Child Welfare: Does Social Work Matter?
Joan Levy Zlotnik

11 Care Coordination for the Well-Being of Children
Kathy Lopes

12 Adoption Practices and Policies Affecting Children and Families in Child Welfare: In Whose Best Interests?
Ruth G. McRoy


13 How I Became a Community Organizer as a Casework Social Work Student: The Interrelationship between Case and Cause Advocacy
Terry Mizrahi

14 Disaster Policy and the Human Response
Carmen D. Weisner

15 Policy and Practice in Rural Social Work
Deirdra Robinson

Corrections and the Courts

16 Women, Drugs, Crime, and Policy: The Unanticipated Consequences of Women’s Substance Use
Seana Golder

17 Policy and Practices Affecting Those Involved in the Criminal Justice System
Sheryl Pimlott Kubiak and Gina Fedock

18 Reforming Criminal Justice: From Practice to Policy
Frederic G. Reamer

19 Social Workers as Expert Witnesses in Sexual Abuse Cases: Educating and Advocating from the Witness Stand
Anne Hoffman

Direct Practice

20 Alcohol Abuse and Dependence: The 7 Percent Problem
Audrey L. Begun

21 If I Go to Work, I Will Die: The Impact of Health Policy on Disability Rights
Romel Mackelprang

22 Synergistic Opportunities: Faith-based Work, Community Collaborations, and Influencing Policy
Mayra Lopez-Humphreys

23 Social Work with Veterans and Their Families
Anthony M. Hassan and Joseph E. Chicas

24 Restoring Protection for Torture Survivors
S. Megan Berthold

Education and Loan Forgiveness

25 Engaging Students in Macro Practice: A Social Project
Linda S. Moore

26 Helping Social Workers Help Clients: Student Loan Forgiveness
Sunny Harris Rome

27 We Can Help You (Buyer Beware): Can a Poor Student Get an Education?
James J. Kelly

Equality and Social Justice

28 Love, Money, Death, and Taxes: Why Marriage Equality Matters
Jeane W. Anastas

29 Inequality, Social Welfare Policy, and Social Work
Vicki Lens and Irwin Garfinkel

30 Housing: A Basic Human Right
Adrienne Walnoha and Tracy Soska

31 Immigration: Linking Policy to Practice
Mark Lusk

32 Helping Low-Income Families Obtain Economic Security: The Value of Local Partnerships
Trina R. Williams Shanks


33 Financial Social Work
Reeta Wolfsohn

Government Programs

34 Adventures in Workfare Policy
Leon H. Ginsberg

35 Social Workers Advocating for Social Security
Stephen H. Gorin


36 Cancer Policy Can Mean Life or Death
Elizabeth J. Clark

37 The Relationship of Practice, Policy, and Research in Breast Cancer Disparities
Sarah Gehlert

38 Psychosocial Issues in Life-limiting Illness: Continuity of Care
Katherine Walsh

39 Domestic Violence, Women’s Health, and the Power of Social Work
Tricia B. Bent-Goodley

40 End-of-Life, Palliative, and Hospice Care
Karen Bullock and Jodi Hall

41 Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Complex Family Care
Lisa P. Gwyther and Jessica L. Katz

42 Health Care Reform and the Role of Social Work
Robyn Golden and Melissa Frey


43 That’s What Friends Are For: 30 Years of HIV/AIDS Advocacy
Gary Bailey

44 Managing the HIV Care System: Social Workers as Client Navigators and Policy Advocates
Evelyn P. Tomaszewski


45 Parity for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
Peter J. Delany and Joseph J. Shields

46 Policy, Practice, and Parity: Clinical Social Work Advocacy in Washington State
Laura W. Groshong


47 Social Work Research Matters
Joan Levy Zlotnik

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