Last updated June 16, 2015
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Prejudice to Pride

Moving from Homophobia to Acceptance


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Section I: Heterosexism in the Family of Origin to Healthy Self-Care

1 Gay Children, Teenagers, and Adults from Heterosexist Families

2 Problems and Strengths of Gay Older Adults

Section II : Unknown to Known Population

3 The “Out” and “Closeted” Gay Populations

4 Coming Out Is Not a One-Shot Deal

5 HIV and AIDS

Section III : Homophobia to Pure Loving

6 The Seven Stages of Coming Out

7 Prejudice to Pride

8 Homophobic Religious Leaders and Members

9 Church and Conservative Right-Wing Enmeshment

Section IV : Past to Present Views

10 Heterosexism, Heterocentrism, Homophobia, and the DSM

11 The Model of Change

12 New Glossary of Terms

13 Positive and Negative Energy Ripples

Section V: Discrimination to Advocacy

14 Acknowledging the Harm that Discrimination Causes

15 Gay Education 101

16 Personal Stories of Gay Discrimination