Last updated June 16, 2015
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Prejudice to Pride

Moving from Homophobia to Acceptance

Ann Marie Petrocelli's Prejudice to Pride is a labor of a love that boldly speaks its name. It accessibly blends the personal, practical, and political, to create a new paradigm to overcome the social disease of gayophobia. At a time of acceptance of LBGTQ individuals we also face public and private bigotry heightened by the (anti) religious and political rhetoric of fundamentalist conservatives. Prejudice to Pride shines a light guiding social workers and therapists to promote acceptance, inclusion, and ultimately progressive change. Ms. Petrocelli has the conviction that the process of recovery is an equal task for the participant and practitioner. It concisely contextualizes historical and cultural prejudices inhibiting service and offers prescriptive changes with its new definitions of terms and case studies. This book is an essential study for the social worker, counselor, clinical psychologist, educator, and psychiatrist to improve their cultural competency.

Jeffrey Seward LCSW-R