Last updated June 16, 2015
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Effects of Conservative Religion on Lesbian and Gay Clients and Practitioners

Practice Implications

About the Author

Part I: Heterosexism and Religion

  1. 1 Religious Views of Same‑Sex Attraction
  2. 2 Views of Some Major Denominations
  3. 3 Effects of Religious Condemnation of Same-Sex Attraction

Part II: Dealing with Conflict Between Religious and Sexual Identities

  1. 4 Strategies for Reconciling Religion and Sexuality
  2. 5 Unworkable and Unethical Cures for Same-Sex Attraction

Part III: Helping Lesbian and Gay Clients Work Through Conflict

  1. 6 Working with Religious Lesbian and Gay Clients
  2. 7 Clients with Little or No Openness to a Lesbian or Gay Identity
  3. 8 Clients Who Are Open to a Lesbian or Gay Identity

Part IV: Working with Heterosexist Practitioners

  1. 9 Conservative Religious Practitioners
  2. 10 A Program to Transform Heterosexist Practitioners