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Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Ed.

Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods in the Era of Health Reform

Jennifer L. Magnabosco and Ronald W. Manderscheid, Editors

ISBN: 978-0-87101-422-1. 2011. Item #4221. 424 pages.

Paperback $48.99

Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Ed.: Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods in the Era of Health Reform updates the original volume released in 1997. The second edition’s 25 chapters are divided into five sections:

  • Overarching Issues and Methods
  • Health
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Child and Family Services
  • Special Topics in the Human Services

Each chapter includes discussions and recommendations for how outcomes measurement can more effectively inform research, practice, policy, and advocacy agendas so that the diversity of human service needs in the United States can be met fairly and with cultural sensitivity.

The book provides readers with both macro- and micro-perspectives on the topics of outcomes measurement; incorporates practice, policy, and research perspectives; and examines current and long-standing issues within the human services field with regard to outcomes and performance measurement. With numerous authors from the field of social work, this new edition of Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services also boasts contributions from professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, policy research, administration, and numerous other social sciences. With its thorough, authoritative coverage of the issues of outcomes measurement and accountability, this book is appropriate for and directly relevant to courses in evaluation research, clinical practice, social policy, and administration.