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Parallels between Writing Biographies and Clinical Practice

Impact. Influence. Value.

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Section I. Studying Biography and Autobiography

Chapter 1: History and Development of Biographical Writings and Psychobiography

Chapter 2: The Role of Relationships: The Biographer’s Involvement with the Subject and the Autobiographer’s Self-Exploration

Chapter 3: The Impact of Biographer Involvement and Bias: Charlotte Brontë and Her First Biographer, Elizabeth Gaskell

Chapter 4: Ved Mehta: Self-Exploration in Autobiography

Section II. Constructing Biography

Chapter 5: Theoretical Orientation: The Biopsychosocial Framework and the Life Course Perspective

Chapter 6: The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Viewed through the Biopsychosocial Framework

Chapter 7: The Role of Narrative Theory in Constructing Biography

Chapter 8: The Narratives of Frederick Douglass and Ottilie Assing in the Construction of Their Biographies

Chapter 9: Gathering, Evaluating, and Interpreting Evidence

Chapter 10: Rudyard Kipling: The Challenge of Using Evidence to Construct a Life Story

Chapter 11: Summing Up