Last updated June 12, 2015
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Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain

Eric Garland, PhD, LCSW, is the developer of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE), assistant director of the Trinity Institute for the Addictions, and assistant professor at the Florida State University College of Social Work. His research agenda is focused on translating findings from cognitive and affective neuroscience into interventions that effectively target transdiagnostic mechanisms under- pinning stress-related conditions. He has a broad background in clinical research, with specific training and expertise in the design of randomized controlled trials of mind- fulness-based interventions and biobehavioral measurement protocols. Garland has received funding from multiple sources (including the National Institutes of Health) to conduct randomized controlled trials of MORE as a treatment for alcohol dependence, prescription opioid misuse, and chronic pain. Complementing his expertise in clinical research, he is a licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience providing cognitive–behavioral, solution-focused, and mindfulness-based therapies for people suffering from addiction, psychological distress, and chronic pain conditions. Ultimately, his life’s work is grounded in the existential philosophy that people have the power to transcend and transform their limitations into opportunities for growth and well-being.

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