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Risk and Resilience in Childhood

2nd Edition


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1 The Ecology of Childhood: A Multisystems Perspective
Mark W. Fraser

2 Risk and Resilience in Childhood
Mark W. Fraser, Laura D. Kirby, and Paul R. Smokowski

3 Methods in the Analysis of Risk and Protective Factors:
Lessons from Epidemiology
James K. Nash and Karen A. Randolph

4 Child Maltreatment: A Risk and Protective Factor Perspective
Barbara Thomlison

5 School Failure: An Eco-Interactional Development Perspective
Jack M. Richman, Gary L. Bowen, and Michael E. Woolley

6 Developmental Vulnerability in Young Children with Disabilities
Irene Nathan Zipper and Rune J. Simeonsson

7 Risk and Protective Factors for Alcohol and Other Drug Use in
Childhood and Adolescence
Jeffrey M. Jenson

8 Risk and Protective Factors in the Development of Delinquency
and Conduct Disorder
James Herbert Williams, Charles D. Ayers, Richard A. Van Dorn,
and Michael W. Arthur

9 Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections among Adolescents
Kathleen A. Rounds

10 Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Pregnancy:
Bases for Effective Intervention
Cynthia Franklin, Jacqueline Corcoran, and Mary Beth Harris

11 Childhood Depression: A Risk Factor Perpective
M. Carlean Gilbert

12 Suicidality among Youths
Mark J. Macgowan

13 Risk and Resilience in Childhood: Toward an Evidence-Based
Model of Practice
Mark W. Fraser and Maeda J. Galinsky


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