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Best BuyMultisystem Skills and Interventions in School Social Work Practice

Edith M. Freeman, Cynthia G. Franklin, Rowena Fong, Gary L. Shaffer, and Elizabeth M. Timberlake, Editors

ISBN: 0-87101-295-2. 1998. Item #2952. 492 pages.

$43.99 $15.99

This book covers new multisystem interventions that work on all levels, from school to family to community agencies to the policy level. Five sections and 45 chapters explore strategies for areas of current challenge, including

  • Curbing aggressive behavior in childhood
  • Improving attendance in at-risk children in elementary school
  • Empowering families through cooperative preschool education
  • Working with teenagers with ADHD
  • Preventing youth suicide
  • Participating in a traumatic event debriefing
  • Preventing substance abuse in middle school

In addition, Multisystem Skills and Interventions gives examples of larger system and policy interventions, in chapters that include HIV/AIDS policy development and reform, Medicaid managed care and urban poor people, and more.

Special Features

  • Practice-oriented, with many case examples
  • Addresses all levels of practice from a systems approach
  • Includes strategies for new areas of concern, such as violence and aggression in schools