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Multisystem Skills and Interventions in School Social Work Practice

Paula Allen-Meares

Edith M. Freeman, Cynthia G. Franklin, Rowena Fong, Gary L. Shaffer, and Elizabeth M. Timberlake

Part I: Skills and Interventions for Practice with Individuals

  • How to Interview for Client Strengths
    Peter De Jong and Scott D. Miller
  • The Getting Better Phenomenon: Videotape Applications of Previously At-Risk High School Student Narratives
    Glenn Carley
  • Female Gang Members: A Profile of Aggression and Victimization
    Christian E. Molidor
  • A Critical Review of Strategies to Reduce School Violence
    Rudolph Alexander, Jr., and Carla M. Curtis
  • A Comprehensive Afrocentric Rites of Passage Program for Black Male Adolescents
    Aminifu R. Harvey and Julia B. Rauch
  • Addressing the Needs of Foster Children: The Foster Youth Services Program
    Robert H. Ayasse
  • Decelerating Self-Stimulating and Self-Injurious Behaviors of a Student with Autism: Behavioral Intervention in the Classroom
    Barbara Peo Early
  • Using Portfolios to Assess Students’ Academic Strengths: A Case Study
    Jean C. Karoly and Cynthia G. Franklin
  • Aggressive Behavior in Childhood and Early Adolescence: An Ecological–Developmental Perspective on Youth Violence
    Mark W. Fraser
  • Nonconvulsive Seizure Disorders: Importance and Implications for School Social Workers
    Diane Kistner and Kevin L. DeWeaver

Part II: Skills and Interventions for Practice with Families

  • Engaging Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families and Children
    Frances S. Caple, Ramon M. Salcido, and John di Cecco
  • Techniques for Assessing Family–School Connections
    Carolyn B. Pryor
  • Socialization Issues for Chinese American Children and Families
    Rowena Fong and David Y. H. Wu
  • Early Intervention to Improve Attendance in Elementary School for At-Risk Children: A Pilot Program
    Janet Ford and Richard D. Sutphen
  • Supporting and Empowering Families through Cooperative Preschool Education
    Katherine M. Dunlap
  • School Social Workers as Family Therapists: A Dialectical–Systemic–Constructivist Model
    Gilbert J. Greene, Dorothy Harper Jones, Cara Frappier, Martha Klein, and Barbara Culton
  • The Link between Childhood Maltreatment and Teenage Pregnancy
    Carolyn A. Smith
  • Factors Associated with Early Sexual Activity among Urban Adolescents
    Carolyn A. Smith
  • Outcomes of Mandated Preventive Services Programs for Homeless and Truant Children: A Follow-up Study
    Diane Tirado-Lampert and James A. Twaite

Part III: Skills for Practice with Groups and Classrooms

  • Social Work with Groups and the Performing Arts in the Schools
    Flavio Francisco Marsiglia and Marjorie Witt Johnson
  • Assessment and Prevention of Aggressive Behavior among Youths of Color: Integrating Cultural and Social Factors
    Jorge Delva
  • A Model for School Social Work Facilitation of Teacher Self-Efficacy and Empowerment
    Rosemary O’Connor and Wynne S. Korr
  • Group Work with High-Risk Urban Youths on Probation
    Harriet Goodman and William Ford
  • Group Support for Teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    David F. Timmer
  • Honoring Children’s Narratives: Practice Strategies
    Edith M. Freeman
  • School Violence: A Blueprint for Elementary School Interventions
    Ron A. Astor
  • The Many Faces of Violence: Policy and Practice Implications
    Edith M. Freeman
  • Traumatic Event Debriefing: Service Delivery Designs and the Role of Social Work
    Janet L. Bell

Part IV: Skills and Interventions in Community Practice

  • Everything I Know about Consultation: Implications for Community Practice
    Edith M. Freeman
  • School Social Workers Are a Critical Part of the Link
    Cynthia G. Franklin and Paula Allen-Meares
  • Children in Protective Services: The Missing Educational Link for Children in Kinship Networks
    Barbara Rittner and Arlene Sacks
  • Maintaining Positive School Relationships: The Role of the Social Worker vis-à-vis Full-Service Schools
    Jill Duerr Berrick and Mark Duerr
  • Homeless Children and Their Families: Delivery of Educational and Social Services through School Systems and Communities
    Jack C. Wall
  • Using a Lawyer–Doctor Education Team for Substance Abuse Prevention in a Middle School
    Lynne E. Orens, Lori J. Brady, and John E. McIntosh, Jr.
  • The School’s and Community’s Role in the Prevention of Youth Suicide
    Brenda Robinson Ward

Part V: Skills and Interventions with Larger Systems and Policy Development and Reform

  • HIV/AIDS Policy Development and Reform: Lessons from Practice, Research, and Education
    Edith M. Freeman, Marion Halim, and K. Jean Peterson
  • Medicaid Managed Care and Urban Poor People: Implications for Social Work
    Janet D. Perloff
  • School Reform: Linking Public Schools with Human Services
    Cynthia G. Franklin and Calvin L. Streeter
  • Services for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: IDEA, Part H
    Edward J. Saunders
  • Funding School-Linked Services through Grants: A Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing
    Nancy Feyl Chavkin
  • Combining Mental Health Treatment with Education for Preschool Children with Severe Emotional and Behavioral Problems
    Cathryne L. Schmitz and Alan Hilton
  • Appropriate versus Least Restrictive: Educational Policies and Students with Disabilities
    James C. Raines
  • Regulating School Social Work Practice into the 21st Century
    Isadora Hare
  • The Status of School Social Workers in America
    Santos Torres, Jr.

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