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Our Diverse Society

Race and Ethnicity—Implications for 21st Century American Society

Pastora San Juan Cafferty

David Engstrom and Lissette Piedra


Part I: America’s Changing Landscape

Chapter 1 Introductory Essay: “Why Can’t They Be More Like Us?”
Andrew M. Greeley

Chapter 2 Demography, the Demand for Social Services, and the Potential for Civic Conflict
Teresa A. Sullivan

Chapter 3 Outsiders and Exclusion: Immigrants in the United States
David W. Engstrom

Chapter 4 Beyond the Rainbow: Multiraciality in the 21st Century
Gina Miranda Samuels

Part II: Conduits of Values and Beliefs

Chapter 5 Revisiting the Language Question
Lissette M. Piedra

Chapter 6 Religious Pluralism and the Transformation of American Culture
Charles H. Lippy

Chapter 7 Understanding Diversity in Schools
Nora L. Ishibashi and Noriko Ishibashi Martinez

Part III: Access to Institutions in a Diverse Society

Chapter 8 Imprisonment and Its Aftermath: Race and Ethnicity in Prison and Beyond
Damian J. Martinez

Chapter 9 Workplace and Workforce Considerations in Access to Employment Opportunities
Anna Haley-Lock and Sarah K. Bruch

Chapter 10 Democracy and Diversity: Expanding Notions of Citizenship
Maria de los Angeles Torres

Part IV: Access to Health and Social Services in a Diverse Society

Chapter 11 Diversity or Disparity in Health Services
Edward F. Lawlor

Chapter 12 Social Work Practice Diversities: Clients, Social Workers, and Theories about Their Partnerships for Constructive Change
Katherine Tyson McCrea


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