Last updated June 11, 2015
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Reproductive Decision Making

“Bell and Edenborn provide a toolkit for the busy social worker who feels unprepared to discuss family planning with clients. Theory-driven but eminently practical, this book explains the necessary biological and historical background and, based on case examples, shares strategies for raising the issues with clients. Social workers who wish to advance reproductive justice should read this book.”

Joan C. Chrisler, PhD
Professor of Psychology, Connecticut College
Editor of Women’s Reproductive Health
Author of Reproductive Justice: A Global Concern


“This book is user-friendly and an absolutely wonderful resource. It is easy to read, thorough, and encourages discussions around reproductive health issues, an enormously important issue that should be addressed regularly with social work clients. I recommend it without hesitation for all social workers.”

Scott Migdole, MSW, LCSW
Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work) of Psychiatry
Chief Operating Officer, Yale Behavioral Health & the Yale Program on Supervision
Yale University School of Medicine


“This book not only provides a rationale for why reproductive health discussions matter and the factors that shape RDM, but offers concrete strategies and tools for social workers to approach the topic area with their clients. I especially love the case examples, which really highlight the complexity of women’s social and structural realities and the need to address reproductive goals and preferences in context.”

Sonya Borrero, MD, MS
Director, Center for Women’s Health Research and Innovation,
University of Pittsburgh
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine